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Best Practice Suicide Prevention Education
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Best Practice Suicide Prevention Education

KEYS 365 provides cost-free, interactive suicide prevention workshops in a community-building, group format. With focus on early intervention, workshops are dynamically designed to introduce life-saving suicide prevention skills. Key elements of offering support, through impactful connections, are presented by a certified suicide prevention trainer.

Communities are empowered with the basic tools to:


  • recognize warning signs and risk factors

  • understand recommended suicide prevention verbiage

  • practice guidelines for listening and engage in open discussions 

  • learn ideas for fostering hope and help-seeking behaviors


Optionally, KEYS 365 includes select members of participating groups to incorporate a peer-to-peer element.  Peer involvement in facilitating workshops supports open communication and helps to remove shame and stigma for those in need of support. 


Self-Care & Resilience Techniques

KEYS 365 offers self-care techniques tailored to the group participating, for example: simple yoga exercises, short mediation practice, focused breathing exercises, posture poses, self-massage, hydration tools, relaxation techniques, inspirational self-talk, and correlating app information.
We all struggle, in different ways and at various times in our lives. Self-care is critical to building resilience. Learning and practicing self-care is essential to emotionally healthy communities.   

Self-Care & Resilience
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Follow-Up Support and Resources

KEYS 365 provides communities with follow-up support for the implementation of tools and techniques presented in the workshop. Additionally, a curated list of resources is available on our website.

Those in need of support, often delay or do not access assistance due to the unknown elements involved in reaching out. C
onnecting with resources at the earliest point possible is critical. To facilitate access, the KEYS 365 Resource List provides a brief, up-to-date description of each organization.

Follow up Support and Resources
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Volunteer Engagement & Suicide Prevention Materials 

KEYS 365 provides suicide prevention awareness materials at no cost. These are designed to build awareness, foster help-seeking cultures, reduce stigma, start meaningful conversations, and spread suicide prevention resources.

Volunteers can participate in a variety of ways. Please use our contact form to discuss collaboration opportunities.
Printable digital materials include: KEYS 365 participation certificate, suicide prevention reference card, and review of workshop information.

Volunteer Engagement & Awareness Materials
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