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KEYS 365 Founder's Story


In 2014 the KEYS 365 president and founder, Deb Casello, and her daughter Kathryn started the Suicide Prevention Outreach, You Are Not Alone. At that time, conversations around suicide were often whispered, wrapped in layers of shame, and came with conditions of secrecy.

The goal was to save lives and spread hope through positive action.  They wanted to empower and uplift communities with education and support. Deb, as a suicide prevention master trainer, organized and led each workshop along with facilitating the involvement of youth, school staff, and community members to create impactful connections.

Starting with an evidence-based suicide prevention class, 100 wristbands, and wide open hearts, they began to spread hope through the mission's message: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Deb was an on-scene crisis responder with The Alaska Police and Fire Chaplains, and they immediately embraced the opportunity to support the efforts of YANA. The Alaska Department of Education, through the University of Alaska, took up the torch by hiring Deb to bring YANA across the state to thousands of Alaskans.

After returning home to Northern Virginia, working at Georgetown University Hospital and Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors;

Deb felt called to return back to 

community suicide prevention outreach. KEYS 365 is designed for both youth and adults.


KEYS 365 builds on foundational ideas, lessons learned, and is customized for all ages. The collaborative leadership team has decades of experience in crisis and trauma support, education, and suicide prevention.

KEYS 365 is dedicated to saving lives through interactive suicide prevention education, which inspires open conversations and strengthens meaningful community connections.


You Are Not Alone met with over 30 Alaskan legislators at the capital, in Juneau! Highlighting YANA's critical suicide prevention mission of hope through positive action. 

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