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Leadership Oversight

These leadership oversight questions are customized to account for an environment where the workforce consists of volunteers and potential future employees, reflecting the blended nature of the workforce in many startup nonprofits.

The questions have "yes/no" responses because the leadership objectives detailed are critical for our organization's success.

"No" response: indicates the element is not currently accomplished to your satisfaction and needs improvement. Suggestions for improvement are requested! 

"Yes" response: indicates the element is currently being accomplished to your satisfaction. Suggestions for improvement are still welcome!

*Note: Selections are not required.

1. Vision and Mission Communication: "Does the CEO effectively communicate the organization’s mission and long-term goals to employees/volunteers and stakeholders?"

2. Decision-Making in a Startup Environment:  "Does the CEO demonstrate strong decision-making ability in the dynamic, often uncertain conditions typical of a nonprofit startup?"

3. Resource Management:  

"Does the CEO effectively manage finances and other resources to achieve our objectives, considering our limited resources?"

4. Innovation and Adaptability:

"Is the CEO proactive in introducing innovative approaches and adapting to changes in the nonprofit sector?"

5. Stakeholder Engagement:  

"Is the CEO effective in engaging with donors, beneficiaries, and community partners to advance our mission?"

6. Cultural Leadership:  "Does the CEO foster an organizational culture that supports our values and mission?"

7. Achievement of Initial Objectives:

"Has the CEO led the organization to meet or exceed the initial objectives set during its inception?"

8. Crisis Management and Resilience: "Does the CEO effectively handle crises and significant obstacles given the challenges of operating a new nonprofit?"

9. Team Building and Development:

"Does the CEO effectively build and develop a team of employees/volunteers aligned with our mission and capable of meeting our goals?"

10. Ethics and Compliance in a Nonprofit Setting:  "Is the CEO committed to upholding ethical standards and ensuring compliance with nonprofit regulations and laws?"

All thoughts and input are welcome!

Please email any additional comments to:

OR bring ideas to board meeting.

Thank you!!!!

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